Welcome back to Lisa Shoreland, with the final installment of her three-part guest post.  Let’s see which pet she finally chose.

Lisa Shoreland is currently a resident blogger at Go College, where recently she’s been researching aerospace engineering scholarships as well as health administration scholarships. In her spare time, she enjoys creative writing, practicing martial arts, and taking weekend trips.

My Final Decision
by Lisa Shoreland

Drum roll, please … After considering all the pros and cons, I’ve decided to purchase a cat as my pet. They have a little bit of a startup cost for the shots and them spayed or neutered, but I should be able to work that into my budget.

In my opinion, female cats seem to have better dispositions than males (although this is not universally true; I’ve met male cats with nice dispositions as well). While female cats don’t spray like males, they do still go into heat and can keep you up at night screeching like a banshee at doors and windows in there quest for a mate, so having my new female kitty spayed is my first order of business as soon as she is old enough.

If I find my kitten gets too lonely in the house by herself all day, I can always get a second cat so that they have a buddy to hang out with while I’m at work. It seems only fair to consider the needs of the animal as well as my own needs. I hope my kitten isn’t too mischievous. I had some friends that had a couple kittens that stayed up all night making all kinds of noise, the last thing I need when starting a new job.

My sister has a Maine Coon, and considering her disposition, personality and furriness, I think that’s what I’m going get. The Maine Coons do have some common physical ailments that plague their breed, so I will spend the extra money to have the cat screened first. I’m so excited to finally get my own kitty!


Were you surprised by Lisa’s choice? Let us know here. Cats can make a great first pet. Our own new family kitty, Pekoe (named for the tea), is incredibly friendly. She even comes when we call her. If cats aren’t your cup of tea, let us help. Whether you have a small space, no back yard, allergies, a limited budget, small children or other special considerations, we can help you find just the right pet to add to your home.

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