Allergy Friendly Pet

While there are no guarantees any pet will be completely hypoallergenic, some species and breeds are better choices. Start with your doctor or allergist. Ask what kind of pet is safe for you or your family. Clicking wherever you see the Allergy Friendly Pet badge to find more information. Some allergy-friendly choices include:


Aquariums are great choices for people with allergies. Aquariums can be small and simple, or huge and elaborate. Here, the primary allergy culprit is mold. To prevent mold growth:

  • keep outside of tank and surrounding area clean and dry
  • clean aquarium, top, and ornaments regularly
  • change filter according to directions, or if you see any mold
  • keep fish food containers closed, clean, and dry


Allergies to reptiles are rare, and generally present as skin irritation. Some are allergic to the substrate (or bedding) used in reptile habitats. There are options available. We have a huge selection of reptiles.

Amphibians, Turtles and Tortoises

Amphibians make great pets for people with allergies. The same precautions about mold apply.


Hedgehogs produce little dander, which often causes allergy symptoms.

Gerbils, Mice, and Hamsters

While these pocket pets do have fur and dander, they may still be a good choice. Their urine and dander are typically contained within their cage and the immediate area. Keeping the cage clean and always washing your hands after handling your pet will help.

Cats and Dogs

There is no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic cat or dog.

Some dog breeds have hair instead of fur (like Kenn’s dog Hazel, a Soft-coated Wheaton Terrier). These breeds may cause fewer allergy symptoms, as may some short-haired cats. Many people with dog or cat allergies, however, are allergic to the animal’s dander or saliva, not the fur. Always start with your allergist. The Animal Store does not sell dogs. We sell only domestic house cats (no purebreds); we cannot guarantee they will not cause allergies.