Animal Joy Letter to The Animal Store

In a world of Tweets and #hashtags, posts and Instas, Snapchats and memes, it’s a rare and beautiful thing to get an honest-to-goodness letter in the mail. Kenn and the staff of The Animal Store got a real treat in the mail last week from our friend Mia, a local fifth grader. Mia took the time to sit down, write us a letter, and actually mail it. She told us that she appreciates how we take care of our animals, that she loves visiting our wide variety of pets, and that she finds joy at The Animal Store.

“…I appreciate your animal store and how you take care of the animals. My friend and I always find joy there.”

Well, Mia, we appreciate you, too. And we are so grateful for the joy that your letter brought to us. Thank you!

If you want to share our joy, take a moment now to read Mia’s entire letter. Then maybe take a moment and write a letter of your own to spread the joy. It couldn’t hurt.

If you want even more animal joy, click on the link for some fantastic pictures of Happy Pet Owners.

If, like Mia’s family, you have people with allergies in your house, click on the link for information about pets that are more allergy friendly. Let us know if you have any questions.

And if you need a personal fix of animal joy, stop into the store and pet a bunny. Or talk to a parrot. Or get in a little mesmerized while you meditate in front of an aquarium. We welcome you.