Animal Store Alphabet BookDid you know that The Animal Store is the star of a new picture book, written by Kenn’s wife, Susan Bearman, and illustrated by their sister-in-law Rebecca Hamlin? The Animal Store Alphabet Book is a visually stunning, fact-filled, fun-to-read ABC book for animal lovers of all ages.

It was exciting to discover that The Animal Store has at least one animal for every letter of the alphabet. Rebecca has made them each look amazing and Susan tells their stories in verse and in prose.

You can preorder your copy now on Kickstarter. You can also order:

  • a coloring book to create your own art
  • a full-color 24″x36″ poster with all 26 letters
  • individual 12″x12″ canvas prints of the letter of your choice
  • a beautiful, embroidered book bag

Stop by Kickstarter today to preorder your copy of the Animal Store Alphabet Book.

Just FYI, even though I’m not in the book (an terrible oversight, I’m sure), they did ask me, Ernie Gourami Fish, to be the official spokesfish at the book’s blog, so check that out, too. I console myself with the fact that Kenn didn’t make the final cut of the book, either.

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