Every pet owner has questions. Lots and lots of questions. And that’s a good thing. The more questions you ask, the better you will be able to care for your pet. Our expert staff is always happy to answer your pet-related questions.

Ask the Vet, Chicago ExoticsAsk the Vet

Now you can get even more information from our Ask the Vet feature! Meet Dr. Valdes of Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital. She’s got the answers you need to keep your pet happy and healthy:

  • Do birds see UV?
  • Do bearded dragons really taste their food?
  • What can you do to treat ferrets with insulinoma?

Those are some of the questions we have for Dr. Valdes. What do you want to ask?

Ask the Vet, Kristin Valdes DVM

Kristin Valdes, DVM

Dr. Valdes is a graduate of the University of Illinois Class of 2013. During school she was an active member of the wildlife clinic and was the exotic mammal representative of the non traditional species club. She also spent her summers and externships in veterinary school learning exotic animal medicine from the Belize Zoo, Decatur Zoo, Brookfield Zoo, the Bird Hospital at Mexico City’s UNAM, and the Carolina Raptor Center. She is the newest doctor to join Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital.

At home, Dr. Valdes enjoys learning and practicing foreign languages and is proficient in Spanish.  She also enjoys playing guitar and holds a captive audience with her two chinchillas and pet cat.