Dude, the reptiles are taking over The Animal Store. They’re everywhere! We’ve got chameleons (like the Jacksons Chameleon shown above, and Graceful Chameleons) that nobody has now. I’m thinking I might need to grow me three horns, like the Jacksons Chameleons. That’s some serious bling.

In addition to the chameleons, we’ve got skinks, tegus, snakes, a Water Dragon, geckos—all kinds of reptiles, including my buddies, the bearded dragons. The store is loaded with hundreds of the most amazing reptile habits, like the PennPlax Reptology wood snake habitat shown here.

One of coolest new reptile gadgets is the Exo Terra Monsoon Rainfall System. I’m telling you, these chameleons are getting some pampering with this misting system. The giant 4-liter reservoir can be connected to multiple nozzles and is completely programmable. Right now, Kenn has it set up to mist the Jacksons in one terrarium and the Graceful Chameleons in a neighboring terrarium at the same time.

You can’t see anything in this picture. The system is way cooler than the box. Come in and check it out. You’ll hardly recognize The Animal Store; it feels like a rainforest—a nice change of pace from all that winter I see going on outside our windows.

I know the reptiles are fabulous and everything, but don’t forget about your old pal Ernie here in my giant tank at the back of the store. Tell Kenn you read about about the reptiles on my blog. Maybe he’ll give you a deal and me some crickets.