If you have been following along on Facebook or Twitter, you already know that the 4th of July weekend brought a lot of excitement to us here at The Animal Store. In the end, the news was good: Spur, our beloved Sulcata tortoise was returned safe and sound. Thanks so much to everyone who showed concern and helped to spread the word. We feel very lucky to have her back.

Stay tuned for even more fireworks next weekend, when we plan to celebrate Spur’s return with a big Tortoise Welcome Home Party for our whole community.

When we say Spur is famous, we’re not kidding. She’s been featured on the radio, in newspapers, on TV, on blogs, and in humor columns, from Chicago to Seattle to Missouri to Florida to Croatia to Australia. You know your news is big when the Internet begins to mock you. Here’s the latest roundup; some posts helped bring her home, some were pretty funny, and some were just plain outrageous.

Steve Dale’s Pet World “Stolen Tortoise Didn’t Get Far”

Detective Shaved Longc*** (some material on this blog may be offensive to some readers) “Update: 70-pound tortoise stolen from pet store returned ‘with only a few minor dings'”
Fark.com – 31 comments (some material on this site may be offensive to some readers) “M..i..s..s..i..n..g…..t.o.r.t.o.i.s.e…..r.e..t…u.nn..e.d…….t.o……w..o…r…r..i..e..d…o.w.n.e.r.”