Here at The Animal Store, we love birds. If you love birds, then you’ll love this video by veterinarian Dr. Laurie Hess. She explains how you can provide bird enrichment by encouraging natural foraging behavior, which is key to its health and wellbeing.

Bird Enrichment Opportunities

Providing plenty of bird enrichment opportunities will keep your pet happy and healthy. And keeping your bird busy will also minimize negative behaviors, like plucking and screaming. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • birds are natural foragers
  • change out toys frequently for variety and cleanliness
  • hide treats around the cage in toys, crumpled paper, or toilet paper/paper towel tubes

We have an entire wall of toys that will help exercise your bird’s natural foraging habits. We also offer a wide variety of food and treats. Our expert staff can provide help you choose just the right supplies for your pet bird. And don’t forget to visit our Baby Bird Nursery.

The Animal Store bird enrichment toy
Toys like this can encourage your pet bird’s natural foraging tendencies.