This week, May 2-8, 2010, is a big week for animals. We celebrate both National Pet Week and the American Humane Society’s Be Kind to Animals Week, which has been observed annually since 1915. Both events commemorate the important role animals play in our lives and encourage people to treat animals with kindness and respect.
Here are some great ways to celebrate:
  • visit the zoo and learn something new about animals.
  • take a nature walk — around the neighborhood or at a forest preserve to see animals in their natural habitats.
  • make your backyard a sanctuary by adding a new birdbath, bird feeder or bird house, or maybe even a koi pond.
  • take your pet to the vet — make sure your animals are healthy and up to date on their vaccinations.
  • read some inspiring stories about the pet/human connection.
  • celebrate pets in the classroom with activities and lesson plans from the American Veterinary Medical Association.
  • become a volunteer for Chicago Animal Care and Control (must be 18), to reunite lost pets with their owners, screen potential adoptive families, or help with tours, education and office work.
  • get your groom on — check your pets beaks, claws, and fur or feathers for any necessary grooming that needs to be done. If you aren’t sure how to do this grooming safely, take your pet to a professional. The Animal Store clips pet and bird nails, and trims flight feathers. Call us to make an appointment.
  • check your pet’s collar to make sure it fits, that the buckle is intact, and that the tags are secure. Replace collars that are too small or worn.
  • let your pet know how much you care with a special treat or toy. The Animal Store carries everything you need to pamper and care for your cats, dogs, small animals, birds, reptiles and fish.
Let us help you celebrate the animal in your life. Just mention the Be Kind to Animals post and get 15% off* any treat or toy for your pet from May 2-8, 2010.
*Offer good on white tags only and valid through May 8, 2010.