Crested Gecko Special

Purchase a crested gecko and get

$25 toward
a habitat and supplies

This week’s special will go a long way toward getting your new pet set up for a happy, healthy life.

Your gecko habitat should include

  • Reptile tank with screen top
  • Lighting, thermostat, and humidity gage
  • Substrate, such as coconut bark
  • Climbing branches, plastic or live plants, hiding place
  • Food/water bowls
Offer expires 11/17/2017
Koi Pond

Sometimes known as the “eyelash” gecko, this lizard has large, beautiful eyes topped with short spikes that look like, well, eyelashes. Calm and easy-to-care-for, they can live 10-20 years and make a good first reptile pet. They come in a variety of color morphs, including tans, yellows, oranges, reds, greens, and a even few darker colors.