Does Halloween come early for pets? It depends on how you interpret National Dress Up Your Pet Day, celebrated on January 14. The history of this holiday is a little murky. Does it mean dress your pets up in costume? This seems unlikely, since Halloween is a long way off, but if you and your pet like to play pretend, then go for it.

Does it mean add a little bling to your favorite pet’s daily wardrobe? This could be. Perhaps it’s time for a snazzy new collar to brighten up those winter days.

Given the January date of this holiday, it seems most likely that National Dress Up Your Pet Day refers to providing a little extra warmth for your pets when you take them out for a walk — especially on those days when the temperature dips below freezing. While veterinarians recommend against sweaters for dogs who have long hair or are accustomed to cold winter temperatures, sweaters may make sense for smaller dogs, short-haired dogs, puppies and older dogs, or dogs recuperating from illness or surgery. You may also want to protect your pets paws from ice with booties.

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