Kenn’s kitten, Pekoe

We have five cute 8-week old kittens in the store right now, ready to find new homes. They are adorable and I’ve loved watching the little critters come and go around here all summer. But I learned something new today. There is an actual “kitten season”, and it’s about to end.

It turns out that in the continental United States, the feline reproductive cycle generally runs from February through October, which means kittens are generally only available between the end of March and the end of November.

This batch of cuties that we have are likely to be the last kittens we see until spring. If you have been thinking of a new kitty, now is the time. I know from experience that they don’t hang out here very long. One of these guys even looks like Pekoe, Kenn’s family kitten (see that picture; isn’t she cute).

This week only, we are having an End of “Kitten Season” event. With the purchase of one of these five kitties, you will also receive:

  • $20 worth of Royal Canin Kitten Food
  • a free scratch pad

Tell them Ernie sent you to get the special deal, but hurry. Offer is only good as long as we have kittens or until Thanksgiving.