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Exo Terra Reptile Habitat

Buy one, get
15% off all accessories

Set your reptile up in style. Buy any size Exo Terra reptile habitat and get 15% off all accessories to decorate the unit.

Offer expires 11/26/2017
Koi Pond

Exo Terra reptile habitats turn a reptile cage into a terrarium by taking a natural approach to reptile and amphibian keeping. Each unit is designed to for accessibility, easy maintenance, and beautiful display. Come into The Animal Store and we’ll help you choose the best habitat for your pet.

Exo Terra habitats are perfect for:

  • snakes
  • lizards
    • geckos
    • chameleons
    • skinks
    • bearded dragons
    • swifts
Exo Terra reptile habitat small wide terrarium

Exo Terra reptile habitat —small wide terrarium details

Check out this short video on the great features of Exo Terra reptile habitats.


Our friends at Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital have great care sheets for reptiles, including:

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