Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit

Get $20 worth of free fish when you purchase a 6-gallon Fluval Edge

Buy one, get
$20 worth of FREE fish!

This small aquarium is perfect for tight spaces and new hobbyists. Sleek, minimalist design puts the focus on the fish.

6-Gallon Fluval Edge Features

  • 6500K integrated LED replicates natural sunlight and promotes plant growth and vibrant fish colors
  • LED provides 120° light dispersion
  • Touch-Switch lighting with day and night illumination
  • Multi-stage filtration with adjustable flow
  • Media included — mechanical, chemical and biological
  • Ventilated hood for added heat dispersion
  • Quick access feeding door
  • Elevated, recessed base creates a floating tank effect
Offer expires 12/24/2017.
Koi Pond


16.8″ L x 10.25″ W x 14″ H

Here are some great tips on how to aquascape your Fluval Edge aquarium.