What’s in a name? Well, our name — The Animal Store — comes from a wonderful poem written by Rachel Field:

The Animal Store — by Rachel Field

If I had a $100 to spend,
Or maybe a little more
I’d hurry as fast as my legs would go
Straight to the Animal Store.

I wouldn’t say “How much for this or that?”
“What kind of dog is he?”
I’d buy as many as rolled an eye,
Or wagged a tail at me!

I’d take the hound with the drooping ears
That sits by himself alone;
Cockers and Cairns and wobbly pups
To be my very own.

I might buy a parrot all red and green.
And the monkey I saw before.
If I had a hundred dollars to spend
Or maybe a little more.

Do you know someone who would enjoy having a little spending money to use at The Animal Store? We have gift cards available in any denomination — the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life. Stop in today, visit us on the web or email us for more information.

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