first-petIt’s the Chinese New Year—the Year of the Dragon, traditionally considered by the Chinese to be prosperous and lucky. We’ve got a couple of residents who are really celebrating: the Chinese Water Dragon and our Bearded Dragons.

When I first heard we had dragons here at The Animal Store, I was a little freaked out. Let me tell you, those Harry Potter books did nothing to enhance the reps of our friends the Chinese Water Dragon and the Beardies. They’re great guys, seriously, and kind of beautiful, in their own reptilian way. And the fire breathing—pure myth.

Chinese Water Dragon

Chinese Water Dragons are great swimmers and climbers, and can hold their breath for up to 25 minutes under water. These dragon lizards both will puff out their chins when they feel threatened and the Bearded Dragon gets its name because it has a spiky chin.

Both reptiles make excellent pets.

Baby Bearded Dragons

In honor of the Year of the Dragon, Kenn is offering a 20% discount on everything you need to purchase and keep one of our dragons now through February 6, the end of Chinese New Year. No coupon needed; just tell him that Ernie sent you.

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