HoudiniWe don’t sell dogs here at that the animal store, although we do offer all the supplies you need to care for your favorite canine. One of the primary reasons we don’t carry dogs is that we strongly believe adopting a shelter or rescue dog is a great choice for many families.

Not all rescued dogs come with troubled pasts, but some do. Here’s a story of our friend’s rescued Hungarian Vizsla, Houdini, and how he become a beloved member of their family.

In 2009, our friend Angela and her family adopted a nine-month-old Vizsla from the Chicago Canine Rescue. “We had had a Viszla before and loved the breed,” said Angela. “This dog needed a home.”

Houdini had been neglected and then abandoned. “He was about 20 pounds underweight,” Angela told me. “And he had been given the name ‘Houdini’ for a reason. He could not be crated (he would tear the crate apart) and could jump a six-foot fence.” The family and shelter were afraid he would run away.

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photo credit: Houdini by Matt Dinerstein