So many kids and pets have grown up as part of The Animal Store family, including our own! Two of Kenn’s kids have recently gotten their very first apartments and their very first pets as grown ups. Molly adopted her kitten Gus (affectionately known as GusGus) in August and Seth took Noisy home in September. We think they’re pretty cute (both the kids and the kittens).

The Animal Store Molly and her Kitten GusGus

Molly and her kitten GusGus: “He’s pretty darn cute,” said Molly. “His ears are way too big for his head! Every time he pops up, I laugh. It was a great day when I brought him home.”

The Animal Store Seth and his kitten Noisy

Seth and his kitten Noisy: “This cat does NOT like to stay still for pictures,” said Seth, “but it does like to be held! It’s hard to capture how calm and cute it really is most of the time.” 

We’re excited to announce that Molly will be chronicling life with her kitten here on The Animal Store Blog, so watch this space. Here’s her first post.

Watch Gus Grow

by Molly Bearman (Gus’s Human)

Meet Gus

Our family has owned The Animal Store my whole life. Any time one of us wanted a pet, my Mama told us that we have hundreds of pets — they’re all at the store.

I wanted to be in a financially secure place and a stable location before I took on the responsibility of owning my own pet. I set a goal last November of working toward a new position, and as a reward for reaching that goal, I would look into getting a pet of my own.

The Animal Store, meet kitten GusGus

This is Gus (aka GusGus)

Fast forward to this summer when I got my new job, and I now have my first kitten in my first apartment. 

He has really big ears, really big eyes, and a really small head. We have that in common. His birthday is June 14, 2021, and he’s adjusting to life in an 850 square foot garden apartment in Chicago. He’s affectionate and incredibly adventurous. He has not yet developed brakes, which means he frequently slides into things and it’s always funny.

The Animal Store: kitten GusGus under the bed

GusGus is such a tiny peanut that he can hide anywhere

GusGus explores his new home

The night I brought him home, I turned around and he had wandered up the back stairs inside my apartment. I didn’t know kittens knew how to climb stairs at 10 weeks old. His adventurous spirit has helped him acclimate to his new home: he had no hesitancy exploring his litter box, or the coffee table shelf, or, really, anything. I do hear concerningly loud “thunks” every once in a while, like when he hops off the bed. Yesterday he accidentally somersaulted off the arm of the couch, but he just walked it off.

GusGus loves toys, which is a joy to me because our family cats do not love to play. He’ll play with anything, even the single feather that fell off his favorite toy. He especially loves his crunchy shiny balls and the plastic ones with bells in them. Gus has the tiniest, cutest squeak — not yet a meow. He’s a great apartment pet, a wonderful companion, and he cracks me up all day long. Follow his adventures as he grows here and on Instagram — @The_Animal_Store and #GusGus #AdventuresWithGusGus.