New Puppy Teddy Bearman

Our family has a new personal pet — a mini Bernedoodle puppy we’ve named Teddy. Teddy Bearman. He’s just 12 weeks old and the sweetest guy. In the few short days since he’s joined our family, we’ve learned that he is friendly with kids, adults, and other animals. He’s a bundle of energy, until he tires himself out and then just plops down. You must admit, he’s pretty darn cute.

His mom, Lexi, is a Bernese Mountain Dog, and dad is a miniature poodle. We were told to expect Teddy to grow to about 40 or 45 pounds, but we think that might be a bit of an underestimate. He’s already about 20 pounds. Another 12-week old mini Bernedoodle puppy came to visit the store today, and he was quite a bit smaller.

We’re having so much fun getting to know Teddy. Truth be told, we forgot how tiring it is to have a baby in the house. He’s almost potty trained, but can only go about 4-5 hours at night, so we aren’t getting a lot of sleep. He’s such a happy fellow and eager to please, so he’s learning fast.

We’re often asked if we carry dogs at The Animal Store. We never have, and it’s illegal to sell puppies at a pet store in Illinois. Teddy came to us from a reputable breeder. We also highly recommend that you explore a local shelter if you are looking for a canine companion. We do carry plenty of dog toys and treats.

As soon as Teddy is given a clean bill of health from his veterinarian and gets up to date on his vaccinations, we hope to have him visit The Animal Store now and again. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Instagram for more pictures.

After a long day at the store, Kenn likes nothing better than to hang out in his hammock. Seems like Teddy might have similar ideas, as you can see below. We guess they’ll have to learn to share the hammock.

We are definitely happy pet owners.

Teddy the Bernedoodle puppy and Kenn