One of the things that sets our store apart is the amount of face time we give each animal. Young animals need to be socialized to make the best pets. This is especially true of parrots, which can live for decades and become an important part of a family.

This baby Blue and Gold Macaw was hatched August 10, 2010 and came into the store later that year. The macaw is now ready to find a permanent home and family. This beautiful, hand-fed, friendly baby has the potential to be a good talker. Blue and Golds are also very smart and able to learn all kinds of tricks.

A $2900 value for just $1900

Come into the store to meet our baby Blue and Gold. If you’re ready to bring a new parrot home, now is the time. Kenn is making an incredible offer to our social networking friends: this beautiful Macaw is just $1900 and comes with a free parrot-proof cage worth $1000. But hurry, offer expires at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 8.