What kind of animal needs to be oiled?
A mouse, because it squeaks!
first-petOK, that’s a bad joke, but it’s no joke that Animal Store mice make great first pets. Pet mice are a far cry from the field mice that can become household pests. Pet mice can be full of personality; they are gentle and easy to maintain, and can become quite tame if handled regularly. Their habitats don’t take up much room, making them ideal pets for families living in small spaces.
Another advantage of owning mice as pets is that they don’t require much equipment:
  • a wire cage or an aquarium with a tight-fitting screen cover
  • bedding
  • a small nesting box
  • a gravity-fed water bottle
  • a small food bowl
  • an exercise wheel
  • food
  • a few toys and treats

The Animal Store has everything you need to get started. Mention this blog post and get a free mouse with the purchase of a mouse setup.

Ari, a young Animal Store customer told us that the best part of having mice as pets is that “they’re cute, and fun to hold and fun to play with.” Visit The Animal Store soon and play with some of our mice. We’re sure you’ll agree with Ari.

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