Though I’ve been lobbying hard for a National Fish Show, it seems the top dog in animal shows is still The National Dog Show, which is going on this weekend in Philadelphia. In case you couldn’t make it to the live show, you can watch it on TV on Thanksgiving day at noon (ET) on NBC.

Last year’s Best In Show winner was handsome looking Irish Setter by the name of Grand Champion Windntide Mr. Sandman (aka Clooney). That’s one fancy name, although I still think Ernie Giant Gourami Fish has a nice ring to it. Maybe I should go with the more formal “Ernest” when they enter me in the National Fish Show.

I understand that dogs are “cute” and “loyal” and have a reputation as “man’s best friend”, but fish are cute, too (he said humbly). And come February, just remember that your furry “best friend” won’t care if it’s below zero. Those dumb dogs still need to be taken outside just to go to the bathroom. Come back then and we’ll talk about who your real best friend is.

In the meantime, do you know the seven groups of dogs that compete in The National Dog Show? See if you can spot the fake in our poll:

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