Raw Dog Chews now at The Animal Store
Raw Dog Natural Chews

Raw Dog Chews are the latest addition to the menu for dogs at The Animal Store. Raw Dog Natural Chews help pet parents choose treats and chews for their dog wisely, because our pets are part of our families. We’re proud to serve Raw Dog, and you will be, too. Stop in to see our complete offering, including Bully Sticks, Beef Chews, Beef Bones, and Pork Chews.

These natural chews are sourced from quality pork and grass-fed, free-range beef. This means they are free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The beef is sourced to be free of pesticides and GMOs. All products are tested to ensure your pet is getting the safest, freshest, and highest quality chew available.

Find the right chews for your dog

Size matters. Clear, helpful packaging allows you to identify at a glance the chews that are right for your pup. Just look for the size indicator and you can’t go wrong:

Raw Dog Chews size indicator

Many benefits

At The Animal Store, we want to keep your dog happy and healthy. The right chews can help sooth the pain of teething in puppies, provide enrichment to help alleviate boredom, and even help ease your dog’s separation anxiety. After months of being homebodies, humans are looking forward to going back out into the world, but when we go back to work or play, we need to make sure our pets are provided with appropriate entertainment and stress relief. Healthy chews are a great choice.

As they say at Raw Dog Chews — “Chews-Wisely™.”