royal-caninThe Animal Store now exclusively offers Royal Canin dog and cat food. Why Royal Canin? Though still emerging in the American pet market, Royal Canin has been known worldwide for more than 40 years. Their formulations are based on the latest, most in-depth scientific research on pet nutrition and how animals eat. Other pet foods that advertise research-based formulas are, in fact, often using the research conducted at Royal Canin’s labs.

Royal Canin offers breed-specific formulas for both cats and dogs. For dogs, Royal Canin also offers general size-based formulas for mini toy (up to 6 lbs.), mini (7-20 lbs.), medium (21-55 lbs.), maxi (56-100 lbs.) and giant (100+ lbs) breeds. Cat foods are divided between indoor and outdoor formulas. Royal Canin does ongoing, in-depth, animal-safe scientific research on each breeds nutritional requirements, as well as how each breed eats. This has resulted in what they call “Kibble Technology”. They have found that developing uniquely-shaped kibbles for each breed can prevent gulping, minimize gas and stool output, and prevent obesity by encouraging the animal to eat more slowly. Here’s just one example:

English Bulldogs are notoriously gassy animals. Royal Canin Bulldog 24 has “S” shaped kibbles that accommodate the Bulldog’s unusual square jaw. They are easier for the dog to grasp and chew, limiting excess air intake and minimizing flatulence (gas). The specific formulation of highly digestible proteins, starches and balanced fibers also promotes proper digestion in the breed and helps get rid of that annoying gas.

As a little personal testimonial, we recently switched our very picky Soft-coated Wheaton, Hazel, to Royal Canin. She used to turn up her nose at her food, often skipping a day. Now she eats her dinner when we feed her, helping us regulate and monitor her intake, and virtually eliminating the number of “accidents” she has in the house. We know she is getting the nutrition she needs and it makes our life easier, as well.

Royal Canin also offers specific foods for each stage of life for both cats and dogs, from very early kitten- or puppyhood, through healthy adult life and into maturity. There are even speciality formulas for obesity and other health issues, show animals, and very young or very active pets.

Our tiny kitten, Pirate, also benefitted from a switch to Royal Canin’s Baby Cat formula. Weaned too early, Pirate was small and not growing well. Now he’s healthy and has graduated to Kitten 36, the right food for his muscle and bone development until he reaches his first birthday.

We have chosen Royal Canin because we are committed to helping you keep your pets as healthy and happy members of your family for many years. We have learned a lot about dog and cat nutrition and would be happy to answer any questions you have about which formula is best for your pet. Please email us or leave a comment. And stop by today for a free sample.

Just for fun, you may want to visit the Royal Canin Website, where you can find a wealth of information about specific breeds of dogs and cats.