We were saddened to hear the news that two pet parrots were recently stolen from a Chicago man’s backyard. “Sam”, a hyacinth macaw and “Buford”, and Amazon, were stolen by a women in a jeep from the backyard of Nick Butkovich in the Bowmanville neighborhood near Sommerdale and Leavitt.

Butkovish was in his yard with the birds, when a woman in a jeep pulled into his alley and snatched the birds. Butkovish gave pursuit and the woman dropped “Sam” and ran over his wing as the Jeep fled the scene. “Sam” is recovering at home, but “Buford” is still missing.

If you know anything about the missing bird, please contact the Chicago police department. These are beloved pets that need specialized care. Parrots are expensive and can live long lives if cared for properly, but are easily stressed and often aggressive toward strangers. Here’s a link to the story in the Chicago Tribune.