You know you love your pet. You know your pet loves you. But did you know the kind of pet you own might be related to your career choice and even your income?

According to a new study by Career Builder, owners of certain pets are more likely to pursue certain careers. For example, reptile and snake owners tend to be social workers, marketing or PR people, editors or writers, police officers or engineers. Even more interestingly, the survey found that reptile owners are more likely to make salaries in the six figures.

Bird owners are the most likely to be satisfied in their career choice, and can often be found in administration, advertising, sales, or construction.

You dog owners are most likely to be top executives, and are often entertainers, nurses, professors, or in the military or IT.

Cat owners, on the other hand, are most most likely to be doctors or med techs, caretakers, realtors, or machine operators.

And what about aquarium hobbyists? You fish lovers tend to be in farming or forestry, fishing, transportation, human resources or finance.

These days, many people are looking for new jobs or career paths. Maybe what you really need is a new pet. Looking for success in sales? Come talk to us about a new cockatoo or a pair of lovebirds. Want to boost your income over the $100K mark? We’ve got just the corn snake or tegu for you. Trying to get into medical school? A new kitty may be just what you need. We also have everything you need for your fish tank or to care for your favorite pooch. Who knows? Maybe investing in your pet is actually an investment in your career. And you know they love you, no matter what you do.

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Photo credit: Mango HaX0ring by Slava / slava via Creative Commons License.