Blue-crowned Conure

Hatch date — May 3, 2022


SOLD 8/10/22

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The blue-crowned is one of the most beautiful of the conure family. They are very intelligent and can learn a large vocabulary, although they can be a little difficult to understand. Highly social, this conure needs lots of human interaction or the company of another bird. The Animal Store carries a huge supply of interesting toys and chews to enrich your conure’s habitat. Your bird should have a variety of toys that are changed out frequently to keep its interest.

Blue-crowned conures have an emerald green body topped by a stunning, iridescent turquoise blue face and crown. The bright white-banded eyes stand out from the surrounding blue feathers. They are small parrots that grow to about 15 inches top to tail. All our young birds are hand fed and socialized to be great family pets. Stop by soon to see our newest babies in the bird nursery.

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