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Male Eclectus Parrot
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Male Eclectus Parrot

Hatch date — May 5, 2021


SOLD 9/25/21

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Eclectus Parrots are among the most colorful and beautiful in the world. Eclectus are dimorphic, which mean it is easy to spot the differences between males and females. The male is bright green with touches of stunning blue and red on or under their wings. The male’s beak that looks like a piece of candy corn. The female wears brilliant red and deep purple feathers, and have a black beak. In fact, males and females look so different that for many years scientists and breeders thought they were different species.

These medium sized parrots make excellent pets. They are active and prefer a large cage and spending time outside their cage, as well. They are relatively calm and gentle, but can learn to mimic words and sounds.

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