Green Cheek Conure Mutation

Hatch date — March 2023


SOLD 3/10/24

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Green Cheeks are small, beautiful conures found in muted shades of greens, reds, and blues. These small parrots, also known as Yellow-sided conures, are fun and affectionate with huge personalities. They are very acrobatic and love to learn new tricks. They thrive when offered a variety of toys that you should rotate regularly. Green Cheeks are among our most popular birds. They are favorite first birds for pet owners because of their sweet temperaments.

These are the smallest conures, and sport mostly green feathers with grey beaks and feet. Come meet our baby birds and have a giggle. We guarantee you’ll fall in love.

The Animal Store has a wide selection of conures and other pet birds, as well as a whole wall of toys and treats. Our birds fly out the door to their forever homes quickly, so check back often or come visit the baby bird nursery in person.

Green Cheek Conure

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