Lineolated Parakeets

Hatch date — June 27, 2022

$399 (Variety)

SOLD 6/23/23

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Lineolated (or Barred) parakeets are named for its barred or striped black markings. Many are primarily green, but we have a variety of pretty color mutations, from soft blue and turquoise, to a darker feathered beauty. These small birds (Bolborhynchus lineola) are members of the parrot family. They are quite calm and make lovely pets. They are sometimes known as Catherine Parakeets and are excellent mimics, often becoming good talkers.

Our Linnies are well socialized and ready to become a friendly member of your family. Let us know if you have questions. Come see all the hand-fed babies at The Animal Store bird nursery.

The Animal Store Turquoise Lineolated Parakeet

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