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Lutino Indian Ringneck

Lutino Indian Ringneck

Hatch date — February 1, 2019


SOLD 1/13/20

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This Lutino Indian Ringneck parrot (or parakeet) is stunning. Lutino’s are a bright, beautiful yellow with red beaks and a tell-tale ring around its neck. These outgoing pets can become great talkers, with a large, clear vocabulary. Why are they sometimes called parrots and sometimes called parakeets? “Parakeet” simply means “small parrot”, so all parakeets are parrots, but not all parrots are parakeets.

This lutino is just one of the variety of Ringneck Parrots in our Baby Bird Nursery. All our baby birds are hand-fed and friendly. Stop by for a visit soon and talk to one of our expert staff.

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