Parakeet — ‘keet? Budgie? We’ve got ’em . All of our parakeets are very young birds and are available in a wide range of colors. In fact, these fun and colorful little friends make great companions. They love to sing, chirp, whistle, and chatter. ‘Keets are friendly and smart. Some have even learned to mimic as many as 100 human words. They like to chew and play, and can be trained to ring a bell or push a small ball. The parakeet can also be a vain little budgie, and really enjoys admiring itself in a mirror.

Fun Fact: “Parakeet” is a general term for small, narrow parrots. The familiar American parakeet is actually a Budgerigar or “Budgie”. The British Budgie looks very similar to an American parakeet, but is slightly larger.

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