The Animal Store Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl Cockatiel

Hatch date — October 25, 2021


SOLD 11/5/21

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The Pearl Cockatiel has been selectively bred to produce this stunning coloration that is not found in the wild. This variation is named for the small spots or “pearls” of color across their feathers.

Like all cockatiels, the Pearl makes an excellent pet. Cockatiels are the smallest member of the Cockatoo family. They are quieter than larger parrots, displaying a wide range of vocalizations, calls and whistles. And they are great mimics that can learn to talk.

Well-cared-for cockatiels can live 15 to 30 years as family pets. They are sweet, shy and intelligent, and do well when offered a wide variety of toys that you change out frequently.

Come see our new baby Pearl all the hand-fed babies at The Animal Store bird nursery.

The Animal Store Pearl Cockatiel Closeup

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