White-bellied Caiques

Hatch date — July 24, 2023


Come see our newest White-bellied Caique. These bright and colorful birds have green bodies, orange heads, and white bellies. These lovely, lively little parrots are completely adorable with silly, playful personalities. These are considered small-to-medium-sized parrots that grow to approximately 9 inches in length. They are cuddly, energetic, and love to play. For these reasons, they flourish in a large cage that gives them plenty of room. White-bellied caiques are not great talkers, but their whistles and natural sounds are quite amusing.

Known to be outgoing and friendly, caiques are also natural clowns. Their bright colors and lively temperaments bring joy and laughter to their human families.

Come meet our newest hatchlings. All the birds in our Baby Bird Nursery are hand fed and socialized to be wonderful pets.

White-bellied Caique baby at The Animal Store

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