Grey Parrot


Grey Parrot
(Congo Grey)

Hatch date — August 17, 2023



Baby Grey parrot. (Psittacus erithacus erithacus) We’ve been waiting a long time for this great talker, formerly known as African Greys or Congo Greys. They sport body feathers in many shades of grey, with a bright red tail feather. Greys are extremely social and very intelligent. They are known to be great talkers, which is one of the reasons they are among the most popular pet parrots around the world.

Grey Parrots Love Attention

You’ll want to give your Grey plenty of attention and time for socializing. They love challenging and interesting toys, so keep plenty on hand and change them out frequently to keep you Grey Parrot happy and engaged.

This baby is beautiful and Grey Parrots never stay in store long, so if you’re interested, top in or give us a call.

Grey Parrot at The Animal Store

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