Rainbow Lorikeet


Rainbow Lorikeet

Hatch date — January 20, 2023


SOLD 10/14/23

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Rainbow Lorikeets (or lory) are members of the parrot family. As its name suggest, this bird is a living rainbow, with a bright red breast and feathers all the colors of the rainbow. Friendly and affectionate, a lory is also very smart. They love to play and are eager to learn new tricks.

Lorikeets will grow to about 15 inches head to tail. Spending quality time with your lory will make it a wonderful companion. They are good talkers and squawkers. You can keep your lory happy by providing lots of attention and plenty of new toys, which you should change out frequently.

You may often find a member of our volunteer Jr. Critter Crew carrying a baby bird around the store, playing with it, and giving it lots of attention. We work hard to socialize our birds to become great additions to their forever families. Our expert staff is always ready to answer your questions. Come in and see all the hand-fed babies at The Animal Store bird nursery.

The Animal Store Rainbow Lorikeet

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