Lutino Cockatiel


Lutino Cockatiel

Hatch date — September 1, 2023


SOLD 2/27/24

check back, we get new birds every week

The Lutino is the star of the cockatiel family. With their bright yellow heads, blushing pink cheeks, and white body feathers, the Lutino is one of the most popular mutations. Like all cockatiels, Lutinos are adorable, friendly, and make great pets.

Though not known to be great talkers, that have a wide and amusing ranges of whistles, chirps, and peeps that will keep the communication flowing. They love to play and thrive with attention. You’ll keep your cockatiel happy with a healthy diet and a regular rotation of new toys for maximum entertainment.

We work hard to socialize our birds to become great family members. Let us know if you have questions. Come see all the hand-fed babies at The Animal Store bird nursery.

Lutino Cockatiel at The Animal Store

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