Pygmy hedgehogs may seem a little prickly on the outside, but some people who are allergic to cats or dogs find that they are not allergic to hedgehogs.

Most people are surprised to learn that hedgehogs are not related to porcupines at all; they are more closely related to shrews and moles. Despite their spiny top coats, hedgehogs have a soft underside and make pleasant pets, particularly for small environments, like apartments.

Most hedgehogs can be litter trained and they have little, if any, odor. As a well-cared-for pet,  you can expect a hedgehog to live between four and seven years. For more information on owning a hedgehog as a pet, email us.

If you have a pet hedgehog and would like to share your photos, please feel free to upload them to our Facebook page. Be sure to let us know your pet’s name and whether you got him or her at The Animal Store.

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