Isn’t that cage too small for a snake?


Large snake

Many customers are concerned that a snake can’t stretch out in its cage or tank. Snakes are mostly agoraphobic, which means they are frightened of open spaces. They spend most their lives sequestered in burrows. Most snakes don’t even hunt for their food—they grab it as it runs past. Snake muscles don’t atrophy (which means to get stiff or useless from lack of use), so they don’t need to stretch and exercise as we do. The general rule for the snake’s enclosure is the perimeter should be at least the length of the snake. The means a six-foot snake could be kept in an aquarium that is only 24” by 12” (or 15 gallons), but to have a big enough water bowl and hiding place (both of which are necessary), you would use a larger enclosure.

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