Here’s a brief look at our visit with folks from the Purple Cow @ Home. See their complete visit here

Recently, our friends from The Purple Cow @ Home came to visit the exotic pets at The Animal Store. Armed with a video camera and loads of questions, Ann from The Purple Cow shadowed Kenn around the store and got to meet some of our animals, including our favorite resident, Spur, the Sulcata tortoise. If you’ve visited recently, you’ll know that Spur has a beautiful new habitat in our completely remodeled store. Next time you visit, feel free to bring a vegetable treat for Spur. Her particular favorite is sweet potatoes!

Some of the animals featured at The Purple Cow @ Home have found their forever homes, including the arctic fox, the white-bellied caique, and our beloved Violet, the Virginia opossum. We’re always happy when one of our pets is adopted into a loving family, and we constantly welcome new animals to the store. The animals at The Animal Store are ethically sourced according to the strict guidelines of our licenses. We socialize them from the minute they enter our care to make them the best pets. Come visit soon to meet all the animals in our “who-knew zoo.” To see our current bird offerings, bookmark the Baby Bird Nursery here on the website. We update it frequently.

All animals—especially exotic pets—require good care and a loving caretaker. It’s important to learn everything you can about an animal before you bring a new pet into your home. We always welcome your questions. Visit our store often. Ask lots of questions and learn as much as you can. We love working with sites like The Purple Cow @ Home to help you learn about our animal friends. We are also lucky to know the people at Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, who specialize in the care of unusual pets. Their website offers great care sheets for a wide variety of animals.

Thanks to the Purple Cow @ Home for visiting. We hope you’ll visit us soon, too, and become part of The Animal Store‘s family of happy pet owners.