Visit The Animal Store: Vika and the giant aquarium

Vika visits The Animal Store’s GIANT 1,100-gallon aquarium


How much fun can you have when you visit The Animal Store?


Tons of Fun!

Just ask Vika, one of our very favorite visitors. As you can see in these photos, there’s a lot to explore at The Animal Store. Let’s see what Vika discovered.

In the photo above, Vika visits our GIANT 1,100-gallon aquarium. This centerpiece of the fish department has been newly updated with crystal clear, 2-inch thick acrylic for a perfect view of some of our resident fish. Just above the water, you can see part of Rebecca Hamlin’s stunning mural that surrounds the aquarium. Ask Kenn to see more of Rebecca’s art throughout the store.

Visit The Animal Store: Vika and the ball python

Here we see Vika holding a ball python. When you visit The Animal Store, you’ll discover that we have animals. Lots of animals. Some will be familiar, like the bunnies and the parakeets. Others are more exotic, like the sugar gliders and prairie dogs. You are welcome to visit just like Vika. Meet our animals face to face and ask our expert staff all your burning questions about pet ownership. We’re here for you seven days a week.

Bird toys and more bird toys! So many bright, colorful, interesting toys that Vika can hardly decide. Our bird department is unrivaled. Visit our Baby Bird Nursery online to see our newest beautiful, hand-fed birds. Better yet, come in and meet them yourself. We’ve got an entire wall of toys to enrich your favorite pet bird’s life. Plus food, treats, cages, and perches—everything your bird could ever want or need.

Visit the Animal Store: Vika and bird toys
Visit The Animal Store: Vika and the cat tree

Peek-a-boo! Here’s Vika climbing through a cat tree. If she loves it, your kitty will, too. The Animal Store is a great place to introduce young children to pets. Our family-friendly shop lets you get up close and personal with the animals. Kids can learn about them, as well as everything involved in keeping and caring for a family pet. How long does a guinea pig live? What’s the best treat for a tortoise? Do love birds need a mate? Our expert staff is happy to answer their questions (and yours).

Be like Vika and our red-footed tortoise — come out of your shell to visit The Animal Store for all your pet needs:

  • toys
  • treats
  • habitats
  • food

Thanks to Vika for taking the tour. Come back soon!

Vika and the red-footed tortoise

We mentioned that Vika is one of our favorite guests, and we’ve got receipts. Like hundreds of neighborhood kids, Vika is growing up at The Animal Store. We’re happy to be known as family friendly. We know that your pets are an important part of your family, so bring the kids, even if you’re not quite ready to add an animal to the mix. A visit to The Animal Store is a great addition to family day.

The Animal Store Vika and Kenn

It’s a good thing Vika gave us many more chances. She doesn’t look too happy here during an early visit with Kenn.

Vika and Dad meet the Cockatoo at The Animal Store

Things got a lot better when Dad Bill introduced baby Vika to a cockatoo.

The Animal Store Vika and guinea pig

A little bigger Vika meets a guinea pig.

The Animal Store Vika and bunny

Another Vika visit, this time to snuggle a bunny.