Reptiles and amphibians are sometimes thought of as primitive, dull and dimwitted. In fact, of course, they can be lethally fast, spectacularly beautiful, surprisingly affectionate and very sophisticated.

David Attenborough, Naturalist and television host

The Animal Store offers a wide, ever-changing variety of reptiles. Most are captive bred. Those not captive bred are from countries that strictly monitor and control collection. 

We guarantee that our reptiles are eating well before you take them home. We carry everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy, including food:

  • pelleted
  • frozen
  • canned

Our huge selection of live and frozen food includes:

  • crickets
  • dubia roaches
  • worms
    • wax worms
    • meal worms
    • super worms
    • hornworms
  • mice and rats, from pinkies to jumbo (live & frozen)
Iguana with woman

Reptile Habitats and Supplies

Reptiles: Tetra Reptile Habitat

The Animal Store stocks the complete range of habitats and supplies that snakes and reptiles need.

  • habitats
    • vivariums
    • tanks with screen tops
  • water bowls
  • lights
    • basking to keep your reptile warm
    • UVB to keep your reptile healthy
    • LED to bring out your pet’s natural color
  • pumps and waterfalls
  • automatic foggers and misters
  • substrates
  • heating pads and rocks
  • decor
    • large selection of decorative hides
    • plants
    • vines
    • word and cork
  • supplements, including calcium and vitamins

We can get you completely outfitted and answer all your questions, so stop in soon.

More on our reptiles

Here are some reptile care sheets from our favorite veterinarians at Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital.

Fun Fact

Snakes and lizards smell with their tongues. They flick their tongues in the air to capture scent particles.